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FYP 2 / Week 01

New Semester

It is a new year, and new semester has started. Also its mean my Final Year Project entered the second phase – FYP2. In this phase, the goal is to build up a finish product for demonstration on Industry Day in week 14; and the Final Report that have to be submitted by the end … Continue reading

FYP 1 / Week 14

Arduino on breadboard

Today I’ve found a post on Make:Projects’ web page on how to make an Arduino compatible microcontroller circuit on a breadboard. And here is the result; If someone notice, I’m missing a header pin that is needed to programming the Arduino. I did not have any spare header pins lying around, (note to self to … Continue reading

FYP 1 / Week 14

Class, Lab, Presentation

Most classes I taking this semester had completed their¬†syllabus, except Semiconductor Technology 2 and Measurement and¬†Instrumentation¬†2 (MNI 2). Therefore most of this week I am free, but unfortunately have to be in BMI. This is because I have to complete the experimental works for MNI 2 mini project – I will be at level 1 … Continue reading